The following details the itinerary Bobby followed for the Mera Peak climb:

Day 1:    Fly from Melbourne and arrive Kathmandu, Nepal (1350m)

Day 2:    Preparation day in Kathmandu (1350m)

Day 3:    Fly to Lukla, overnight in Lukla (2800m)

Day 4:    Acclimatisation day in Lukla (2800m)

Day 5:    Trek to Chutanga, overnight in Chutanga (3200m)

Day 6:    Acclimatisation day in Chutanga (3200m)

Day 7:    Trek to Yak Kharka, overnight at Yak Kharka (3700m)

Day 8:    Trek to Tuli Kharka, overnight in Tuli Kharka (4130m)

Day 9:    Trek to Kote, overnight in Kote (3490m)

Day 10:  Trek to Tangnag, overnight in Tangnag (4250m)

Day 11:  Acclimatisation day in Tangnag (4250m)

Day 12:  Trek to Khare, overnight in Khare (4790m)

Day 13: Acclimatisation day in Khare (4790m)

Day 14:  Climb to Mera Peak Base Camp (5400m)

Day 15:  Climb to Mera Peak High Camp (5800m)

Day 16:  Contingency day to allow for poor weather

Day 17:  Summit Mera Peak (6461m) and return to Mera Peak Base Camp (5400m)

Day 18:  Trek to Khare and overnight in Khare (4790m)

Day 19:  Fly by helicopter from Khare to Kathmandu (1350m)

Day 20:  Celebration day in Kathmandu (1350m)

Day 21:  Depart Kathmandu and fly home

Day 22:  Return home